Ambalal Patel gave good news to the farmers, there will be rain in the state areas

There is no possibility of heavy rain in this village for 7 days There will be an increase in the amount of heat that does not rain Normal rainfall probability in South Gujarat  Weather forecast for rain in Gujarat state. There is no possibility of heavy rain in this village for 7 days. Also it does not rain

અંબાલાલ પટેલે ખેડૂતો ને ખુશખબર આપ્યા , રાજ્યના આવિસ્તારોમાં પડશે વરસાદ

The amount of heat will increase. In August, the temperature of most of the district is 35 degrees. This year there was negligible rainfall in August  This year it has been raining only in the month of August. Normal rainfall is likely over South Gujarat. Spread in Surat, Valsad, Navsari, Tapi

It will rain. Amada wa da, gan dhi town will be wa dalchha yun wa ta varan. The lack of an active system comes in the wake of non-rainfall in Gujarat. When there is no rain in Gujarat due to the absence of an active system, the weather is also about when an active system will form in the next time.

It has been opened by the department

Amba La La Patel gave good news to the farmers

Amba La La Patel has good news for the farmers. The farmers who are waiting for the rainy day soon will be relieved. Monsoon has not left yet. then Ambala L Patel has predicted heavy rains. Since then, Meghra Jae has created such a situation. O gust a kho ko ro

After Dha Kod Gaya, the farmers are getting more and more worried. The crop is drying up. Now Annada ta two ha th jodi Meghra who had forgotten the road, set off again Vs are doing Nanti. Then this Nandana has been brought to the farmers. In which there is good rain in this village

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