Such people should never eat garlic, otherwise they will regret it for life

Garlic is something that you will find in almost every Indian household. In many households no dish is prepared without garlic. It enhances the taste of garlic food manifold. Apart from this, eating garlic also has many benefits. Eating raw garlic provides antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, etc. Also, its consumption cures diseases like diabetes, cholesterol and high BP.

However, consuming garlic is not beneficial for everyone. For some people it can cause harm instead of benefit. Such people should stop consuming garlic or eat it in very small quantity. If some people eat too much garlic, they may face many health related problems. So let’s find out where people should avoid eating garlic.

If you always have acidity then you should avoid eating garlic. In fact, if you eat garlic in an acidic condition, you may suffer from heartburn. This garlic stimulates your acidity more so it is better not to consume it.

If you have a weak stomach i.e. you eat anything heavy or spicy and immediately get upset then you should also avoid garlic. Garlic has a hot taste. If you eat them, your stomach may become inflamed, which can upset your stomach more quickly.

If you are one of those people who have problems with sweating and bad breath then you should avoid consuming garlic at any cost. After eating it, your problem may increase. Garlic is hot and can increase perspiration, which can make your body smell worse.

Some heart patients take blood thinners. Such people should use garlic very carefully. You should consume garlic in limited quantities. If you don’t, you may run into problems. You must consult a doctor before consuming it

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