From these 5 reasons most marriages break up, comes the gap in relationships

Loss of love between husband and wife The difference between physical needs and not being able to meet them Due to not doing this rate of life partner also cracks in the relationship increases

આ 5 કારણો થી તૂટે છે સૌથી વધુ લગ્ન, આવે છે સંબંધો માં અંતર

The cases of marriage breakdown are increasing very fast in the country and the world. In this situation, here you can know about the important reasons that increase the rift between husband and wife. The case of loose ends continues

are increasing The term loose ends, which has long been a term of abuse in society, has become very common. If you look carefully, the reason for this deception is not new.

Over the years, many couples have been forced to live together without love. Being less educated, especially women are victims of this thing. But now things are changing, no one is forced to stay in a marriage in which they are not happy, be it a man or a woman. But no one

No one can deny that loose ends are not easy for a couple. So it is better to pay special attention to those things in marriage which are liable to break it

Loss of love between husband and wife After marriage, love begins to end even between those who do love marriages. Usually, due to these problems in the relationship of husband and wife, they cannot spend time together, which in turn causes distance. Apart from this, it is also seen that many people start taking their partner for granted, which is the main reason for losing mutual love and respect from the relationship.

Physical intimacy is the key to a successful marriage. Not being able to satisfy the partner in this situation increases the risk of extramarital affairs and divorce. Therefore, it is important to discuss your preferences and expectations with your partner before marriage. Relationship with someone else Married people often have relationships with other people without their partner’s knowledge to fulfill their physical and emotional needs. Where many marriages are broken due to this thing, now Lo Ko no trust is also eroding from the marriage. Do this rate of living

When you start living with someone after marriage, there may be some flaws that you may not like. But his side is always looking down on him and not underestimating him

It’s not right. Doing this often breaks the marriage. Partner Abuse Much of the abuse in marriage is emotional. Even today, however, many consider the attack to be exploitation. Women are the most victims of this crime. These Va lagnas usually end in loose ends.

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