Girnar Leeli Parikrama date and route announced here

Girnar Green Orbit Date 2023:  The green revolution was stopped for two years due to Corona.  Last year lakhs of people participated in Parikrama.  Similar people are likely to come this year too, this is happening after two years.

A large number of devotees are expected to attend this annual event. Every year in Junagadh, Leeli Parikrama is organized after Diwali. The Parikrama connects people with natural beauty and also has religious significance. This year too there will be a green circumambulation.

The religious significance of Leeli Parikrama held every year in the Girnar mountain area of Junagadh is also high. Millions of people from Junagadh and other districts participate in this unique green revolution. Girnar’s green revolution usually begins on Kartak Sud Agiyaras.

Girnar Green Revolution will be organized from 23rd November to 27th November. Based on the date, the date has been fixed in the meeting of the North Food Sector Board. Date and other details of Girnar Leeli Parikrama announced.

Every year the Green Parikrama of Girnar is organized from Kartak Agiyaras to Kartak Sud Poonam. A meeting was held with the prestige of Bhagwan Jati Samaj and Uttar Mandal regarding the planning of Parikrama. In which Parikrama will start on 23rd November and will end on 27th November on Kartak Sud Poonam.

At present the rivers of Girnar are full of water; The cultivation season of this area is over, which will attract most of the devotees. There is a demand that a meeting be called by the Tantra before Diwali regarding the facilities for pilgrims coming for Parikrama.

Route of Girnar Green Circle:

It is estimated that around 15 lakh devotees will participate in it this year.

Pilgrims flock to the banks of Bhavnath from Kartak Sud Agiyar in the cover of Girwa Girnar, which is at a distance of 5 km from Junagadh city and not far from here. On the next day, these pilgrims perform Kamanagari Dharma while circumambulating the route, observing and enjoying nature.

On the same day, at midnight, the Parikrama is started with the sound of Bandhuka and the lighting of the lamp in the presence of most of the devotees, saints, mahants, district administrative officers and many leaders. The strength of the first day decreases somewhat.

For the afternoon, all the pilgrims prepare their dinner, and the overnight stay is made at Jinabawani Madi. This is the first resting time for pilgrims. Pilgrims have to travel 12 kilometers to reach there.

Vadliwala Mataji’s station is located on this route, followed by Jinbawani Madhi. A saint named Jinabawa used to play music here during the Nawabi period, hence it is known as Jinabawani Madi. On the third day, mountain trekkers cover a distance of about 8 km.

Tired and refreshed from the morning of the third day, the pilgrims proceed with slogans like “Jai Girnari,” “Jai Bholenath,” “Har Har Mahadev,” and “Jai Gurudat.” By noon, travelers rest and eat breakfast they brought with them or cook there.

As evening falls, they find a spot somewhere in the dense forest and make camp. Thus, the night of the third day is spent at Malvela, a very attractive place in the middle of the Girnar forest.

As evening falls, they find a spot somewhere in the dense forest and make camp. Thus, the night of the third day is spent at Malvela, a very attractive place in the middle of the Girnar forest.

Information about Girnar Green Circle :

Here, very tall vines grow where the sun’s rays cannot reach even during the day, and hence it is known as malvela. Bhajans and rasamandali are performed by bhajanikas at night and on the morning of the 14th everyone starts moving from there.

This allows pilgrims to relieve their fatigue in an environment full of devotion and natural beauty. On the morning of the fourth day, the caravan of pilgrims leaves Malwela and heads south to Girnar East, slowly moving and resting.

Where does Girnar Parikrama start? :

As this day is the last part of the journey, the physically challenged Buddhist pilgrims slowly relax and finally reach Bordevi in the evening. Thus, this is the fourth day and last night of the revolution.

Shikharbandh temple of Bordevi Mataji is located in a place full of beauty and natural beauty, where there are dense forests. On the fifth and final day of the pilgrimage, called Kartak Sud Poonam or Dev Diwali, all pilgrims turn to Bhavanath. Based on this date, the rotation is likely to occur between November 23 and November 27.

In this way, many true pilgrims also climb Girnar. And everyone visits the temples there. Apart from that pilgrims visit Bhavnath Mahadev and then complete the journey by bathing in Damodar Kund. Harit Parikrama held every year in Girnar is Tithi based.

In summary, Parikrama Yatra starts on Kartak Sud Agiyaras and ends on Diwali. The scheduled dates of Girnar Leeli Parikrama will be updated when they are officially announced, but this year, it is expected to take place between Kartak Agiyaras to Kartak Sudha Poonam. Stay tuned for official announcements to know Girnar Leeli Parikrama scheduled dates and other information.

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