If you often have chest pain, understand that this is not gas, it can be a sign of a serious illness, know the symptoms

 Frequent Chest Pain: Frequent chest pain can cause many serious problems. This is serious because most people often ignore chest pain, mistaking it for stomach gas.

   •  Constant chest pain?

 • So don’t ignore the mistake

 • Know how serious these symptoms are

Oftentimes, ignoring a chest pain problem can prove dangerous. So don’t take the chest pan lightly. According to health experts, Frequent Chest Pain can be caused by many serious problems. This is serious because most people often ignore chest pain, mistaking it for stomach gas. Let’s find out which chest pain can be a sign of serious problems.

Heart attack

 The most common symptoms of a heart attack include chest pain, shoulder pain, etc. The main cause of heart attack is blockage in the arteries. Therefore, the right amount of blood cannot reach the heart. When the blood flow is blocked in the heart tissue, the complaint of chest pain starts.

Gastroesophageal reflex

 Gastroesophageal reflex is a problem related to the digestive system of our body. This can cause frequent chest pain.


 A patient suffering from pericarditis may complain of chest pain from time to time. It causes inflammation in the tissues around the heart. This inflammation can occur in many places such as an infection, an autoimmune condition or even a heart attack.

Stomach ulcer

 Stomach ulcers are considered to be a common gastrointestinal problem. It can also occur in different parts of the abdomen. Complaints of chest pain include bacterial infection or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs. It can also be caused by the use of inflammatory drugs

Panic attack

 Panic attacks can also cause chest pain. A panic attack causes the patient to handle stress, fear or strange fillings. Due to which they may experience chest pain or anxiety.

Gallbladder problem

 People suffering from gallbladder problems may also complain of frequent chest pains. Gallstones may start with pain in the upper abdomen. But gradually it can increase to shoulder and breastbone.

Gastrointestinal problem

 Gastrointestinal problems such as inflammation of the colon, gastroesophageal reflex can also cause chest pain.


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