Someone else is not using the SIM card in your name right? Check this way

 How many sim cards are active in your name?  In today’s times when frauds are increasing, it is very important for us to know how many SIM cards are active in our name.  Many times someone uses the card in our name without our knowledge and we don’t even know.  Today we have brought you very useful information.  With the help of which you will be able to know how many seams are running in your name.  Sim Card Check Link.

How many sim cards are active in your name? Who else is using SIM in your name? Check today.
To check how many SIMs are running in your name online, follow the steps below.

State by step process :

First click on portal.

•  Enter your mobile number in the box here and log-in with the help of OTP.

• Now the details of all those numbers will come, which are running from your ID.

• If there is a number in the list, which you do not know, you can report it.

• For this select the number and ‘This is not my number’.

• Now write the name written in the ID in the above box

 Now click on the report box below.

You will also be given a ticket ID reference number after filing the complaint.

In this way you can know the number of SIM cards issued in your name.

👉 The Department of Telecom has developed a portal called TAFCOP (Telecom Analytics for Fraud Management and Consumer Protection). Database of active mobile numbers in the country is uploaded on portal. Spam and fraud calls can also be controlled through the portal. You can know how many SIM cards are active in your name in just 30 seconds.

👉 If you feel that there is a number in this list, which you are not using and wrongly issued in your name, you can also take action against this number. You can request to block such suspicious number from this website. For this you just have to click on report and block option against this unauthorized mobile number. If you find any number in the list, which you are not using, you should immediately take action against such number. This is a necessary step for the security of you and the country.

How many SIM cards can be used on one ID?

👉As per rules, 9 SIMs can be activated on one ID, but only 6 SIMs can be activated on IDs of North-East states including Jammu and Kashmir, Assam.


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