How to identify watery coconut? Follow this simple method

Coconut Water: Coconut water is very beneficial for health. It keeps the body healthy and hydrated. In summer, coconuts are available on many stalls. Choosing a bottle with more water in a bottle shop is a big challenge.

પાણીયુક્ત નાળિયેર કેવી રીતે ઓળખવું? અપનાવો આ સરળ રીત

Coconut Water: In order to stay healthy and hydrated in the summer, it is said to drink juices along with other healthy drinks. Coconut water is also a very healthy drink for summer. Drinking coconut water increases immunity. Its use makes the heart healthy and it also controls blood pressure. Coconut water acts as nectar in the winter. It keeps you hydrated all day long. At the same time, drinking it has many health benefits. In this case, when you go to buy coconut water, you will also have trouble finding more watery coconut. Today we tell you how to identify a needle with more water.

1. The size of the coconut: From the size of the coconut, it can be known to a great extent whether it has more water or it is creamy. Often people think that the bigger the coconut, the more water it contains. When a medium-sized coconut often contains more water. If the needle is big, there may be more cream inside.

2. From the color of the coconut: green coconuts usually have the freshest and most water. The greener and fresher the coconut is, the more water it will contain. Whereas, yellow and brown patches on coconuts are a sign of coconut ripening. As the coconut ripens, the amount of cream in it increases and the amount of water starts to decrease. A more patchy needle is also likely to deteriorate from the inside.

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3. कान वादे शुज्ञो : When भाई तथा नारिये़ जाउना जाउट अग्य कान। When you listen to the water in your ears, you will hear the sound of water coming from it. With the help of which you can easily know the presence of water in the coconut. If there is no water flowing from it, it means that there is less water in it.

(Declarer: The information given in this article is based on common beliefs. does not confirm this. Before implementing it, consult the relevant expert.)

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