Know these 8 symptoms of liver failure

 MAFLD is a bit difficult to recognize and there is no cure for this disease The main symptom of this growth from the gums and nose is a silent killer virus spreading among the youth. The name of this disease is Metabolic Associated Fatty Liver Disease i.e. MAFLD. In simple words it is like growing fat in liver. Experts say that MAFLD affects 1 in every 3 people themselves. If you know its symptoms, you can treat it. You can recognize it while brushing

લીવરમાં ખામી હોવાનાં છે આ 8 લક્ષણો જરૂર થી જાણી લો

A large amount of fast food, cold drinks are consumed by the youth

This increases the risk of MAFLD. This disease is therefore dangerous

It is because it cannot be treated and its serious consequences can be seen

Get. The diagnosis of MAFLD is a little more difficult. Because of this, patient A

Experiencing difficulty in writing off this illness for a long time


The risk of liver cirrhosis also increases

MAFLD is dangerous because it is difficult to catch.

If this disease has reached the last stage, it is because of it

Syros can occur. Which is not harming Lee Var for a long time

is and cannot be cured. So this is why Rane Lee Var

Cirrhosis can occur, which is a symptom of the liver. At this time the liver works

does but it can be stopped at any time.

How do you know this disease?

According to one report, when you brush, you can smell it

You can see the symptoms. At this time you see the Lo He Ni tingling in the gums

It will be found, that this weaving is its main characteristic. As

As the liver becomes more affected, you can also see its symptoms.

As you feel tired, hungry, lose weight and so on

La la da g was found on the palm

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