Risk of heart attack and stroke increases with winter: Follow these 7 tips to stay healthy

Cholesterol starts to accumulate in the veins in winter.  Due to which the risk of heart attack and stroke increases.  For this reason, patients with bad cholesterol should be especially careful in winter.

• cholesterol starts to accumulate in the veins in winter
 • Increased risk of heart attack and stroke
 • these patients should take special care in winter

What are 7 signs of a heart attack?

The risk of many diseases increases in winter.  Cholesterol starts to accumulate in the veins in winter.  Due to which the risk of heart attack and stroke increases.  For this reason, from bad cholesterol to high blood pressure patients should take special care in winter.
 Control blood pressure
 Keeping blood pressure under control is essential to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack.  Consume less amount of salt in food.  Consume fruits, green vegetables and salads.  Exercise regularly.
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How to avoid heart attack?

 Do not smoke
 Smoking, alcohol, tobacco consumption increases the risk of stroke.  For this reason, alcohol, cigarettes or intoxicants should not be consumed.  Do not consume energy drinks and soda.

 Exercise regularly

 30 minutes of workout a day is a must.  Exercise like morning walk and stair climbing can be beneficial.  Aerobic exercise like cycling, jogging can be beneficial.

 Control cholesterol

 Take care that the LDL level in the blood does not remain high.  Blood circulation can be affected due to LDL deposition in the veins.  For this reason raw garlic or fenugreek can be consumed on an empty stomach in the morning.

 Get a blood test done

 Regularly check blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol.  If any kind of problem appears, consult a doctor immediately.

 Don’t get up early

 If you have problems with heart disease or stroke, you should not get up early in winter.  Otherwise the blood may thicken and blood circulation may be disturbed.
 Do not make this mistake while bathing
 In winter, water should not be applied directly on the head first.  First pour water on the feet, back and neck and then pour water on the head.  Do not step out of the bathroom immediately after bathing, step out with clothes on.

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