Agriculture Minister Raghavji’s big announcement regarding the loss in Mawtha

 Raghavji Patel Statement:

Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel said that after the survey, farmers will be given assistance. A survey has been given by the government.

• Crop damage due to unseasonal rains in the state

• Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel made the announcement in a press conference

• 236 talukas received rain in 2 days: Agriculture Minister

Raghavji Patel Statement: An announcement has been made by Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel regarding the loss of Mawtha in the state. He said that assistance will be given to the farmers after the survey. A survey has been given by the government. The government will help the farmers with an open mind. He said that as per SDRF rules, assistance of Rs 6800 per hectare will be given within the limit of 2 hectares. The details that come up after the survey

112 talukas received more than 1 inch of rain: Agriculture Minister

It is important that district wise survey work will be started from today. Assistance is eligible only if there is more than 33 percent loss. Efforts will be made to complete the survey with immediate effect. Agriculture Minister Raghavji Patel held a press conference and said that 236 talukas have received rain in 2 days. 112 talukas have received more than 1 inch of rain. 34 talukas have received more than 2 inches while 6 talukas have received more than 4 inches of rain. Damage has been reported to cotton, tuwer and castor. The main warp is woven in cotton and the damage is exposed in the last warp. Damage has been reported to cotton, tuwer and castor

Cotton, Tuvar and Castor have suffered huge losses: Agriculture Minister

He further said that 2 lakh hectares of Tuvar are planted and 86 lakh hectares were planted. Cotton, tuwer and castor have suffered major damage. Most of the Divela crops were harvested. 20 to 25 lakh hectares were planted in cotton, castor and tuwer. Most of the crops were taken by the farmers. Three to four lakh hectares have been damaged.

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